Friday, August 9, 2013

Cream Cheese and Berries. Cheesecake.

I have a terrible secret to admit. I like cream cheese. I like cream cheese a little too much. I have memories from very long ago of some Mexican cenas depending of cream cheese quesadillas and a good 2 inch sized block of pure cream cheese on the side. Just by itself, cream cheese has a perfect combination of creaminess, saltiness and tanginess that makes my taste buds want to party. Adding sugar and lemon to the guest list is creating a dramatic contrast that takes this regular party to one of Gatsby’s level.
So this summer, when I got carried away picking berries, I Knew this was the right time to attempt one of  my most ambitious ideas, cheesecake. Lemon Berry Cheesecake. The initial recipe is from SmittenKitchen lime cheesecake. I made a few changes to adjust to my ingredients and palate. I was immensely impressed by the simplicity of the recipe and the end result. It is a very straightforward cheesecake that delivers everything you want from a summer sweet. I used blueberries and raspberries, but I bet any mix of fresh berries will be great. I will keep this recipe in mind for the rest of the year, maybe use some cranberries and pecans for fall, mint and chocolate for Christmas. Cheesecake, I am ready for your party.

Cheese n Berries Cake
-          1 ¼ cup graham crackers crushed

-          3 T sugar

-          ½ stick butter, melted

1)      Mix all ingredients and spread over heavily buttered springform pan.
2)      Bake at 350 F for 8 minutes and let cool.

-          2 packages cream cheese at room temperature

-          1 cup plus 2 T sugar

-          ¾ c lemon juice plus its zest

-          ½ c sour cream

-          ½ t vanilla

-          2 ½ T flour

-          ¼ t salt

-          3 eggs

-          About 3 cups of mixed berries

-          1 T apricot jam for glaze

1)      Set oven at 350 F
2)      Beat cream cheese until fluffy, add sugar and mix
3)      Add lemon, sour cream, zest, vanilla and beat to smooth.
4)      Mix in flour and salt at low speed until just incorporated.
Time for art! 
5)      Add eggs all at once and mix until just incorporated.
6)      Pour into pan and bake for about one hour. Once you jiggle the pan and the center doesn’t move its good!
7)      Let cool on rack until completely cool!!! Now its time to decorate
8)      Arrange your berries as artistically as you would like, go crazy! Just remember no one wants to be the person with no berries in their slice, unless you are a mouse.
9)      Heat up the T of jam with a T of water in the microwave and glaze your cake with a brush, if the mixture is too goopy just add more water.
10)   Let set in fridge for about two hours and you are good to go!


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  1. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, come and make this for me please. I'll pay for the ingredients and your expenses.